What Murdog is all about:

We understand that life can be stressful and crazy. Sometimes it’s hard to see the positives and the fun in life, so Murdog is here to help you blow off some steam by having a laugh about all the craziness happening in life and more. Murdog is built around satire and comedy form things ranging from politics to basketball. We hope that you can find something here on our site funny so that you can have a laugh. Anyways please enjoy our site and we will do out best to continue to produce quality content.


Murray Dawson

I am the founder and owner of this site. A little bit about me is that I am also the creator of a losing pub trivia team, pizza feen, surfer, and student. I hope you enjoy the site because making people laugh is what I’m about

Alisha M.

I’m Alisha. Don’t ask about my last name, its none of your business. Not like you can pronounce it anyway. I like backpacks, coffee shops, and super controversial conversations in public restaurants. I am a spy from Россия who’s providing the freshest most hip news delivered hot by Putin himself. I manage the images for Murdog and am one of the main editors. Enjoy.