Need a good thriller movie? Then you came to the right place. Here we will talk about the top 6 thriller movies ever made. Get ready for some really amazing titles. Each one of these movies was watched several times by our movie analysis crew here at Murdog to make sure that these titles really earned there place in this list of the best thriller movies. Lest dive in!

1). Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean makes the number 1 on this list of thrillers because of how masterfully it was shot. From the creative and infamous mirror scene to the pinpoint acting. Mr. Bean will for sure leave you with your mouth wide open. If you are a big thriller fan, then this is your to.

2). Mr. Bean’s Holiday¬†

This is probably the best thriller and horror movie ever made. It is apart of the fan-favorite thriller series Mr. Bean. In this one, the main character has to fight his way through the horrors of the French countryside, 5-star restaurants, and attractive women. The end goal is to make it to the mysterious Cannes, France for the film festival

3). Johnny English

A riveting tale of a broken down spy who must save England from an extreme criminal group. Johnny English made it onto this serious thriller list because of how the lighting creates unease within each viewer. If you are in a dark scary mood then watch this one.

4). Johnny English Strikes Again

This has been rated by IDBM as the fan favorite thriller movie. Johnny English returns with another dark film with the same premise as the first one. The director in this movie tried there best to make the heart of the view beat fearlessly. Just look at the flames in the cover art, truly scary.

5). Johnny English Strikes Again

The latest of the Thriller series Johnny English. In this Movie, the hardcore spy returns to save the world once again. This time the lighting is less intense and the director uses a softer approach. There’s a couple of scenes that will get your heart pumping real quick. Good luck watching this one cause this is truly a thriller masterpiece.

6). Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum is an underrated classic thriller movie. This movie will leave you on the edge of your seat. The movie is about a pastor who doesn’t realize that his wife is having an affair. Give it a try if you’re into classic thrillers.


In Conclusion,

Give each of these a try next time you are looking for a thriller. There are many options here for you. Each one of these films stars the best actors. Such as Rowan Atkinson, Rowan Atkinson, and Rowan Atkinson. Have fun watching these films!