Everyone has the same problem when it comes to the classic frustrating claw machine, you pick up the claw machine toy but as you slowly move towards the drop box……if falls out of that three-pronged claw. Everyone has strategies for the game, most are customed to the person though. So at the end of the day, you are stuck at square one. Which is failing.

However, Murdog has come up with the perfect plan for you to win every single time. Now this plan is nothing like the others, as anybody from anywhere can try this. It’s the perfect game strategy. There are (of course) a couple of catches like every strategy, but they’re very small. Let’s get into this.

Step 1:

Buy a Master key. What is the master key? A master key is a key (yes that right) that you can unlock any type of lock. So this step is very crucial.

Step 2:

Go to a claw machine and find the key box. It’s either on the side or back of the machine. From there you use the master key and unlock the claw machine. Taking all the toys but leaving some to hand out as you are now the robin hood of claw machines.

Step 3:

Go on a massive claw machine heist around the country, taking and giving all the claw machine toys. The police will most likely chase you, but just keep on going. Once you have a massive stock-pile of claw machine toys you can start to sell them off to cover your costs.

In Conclusion,

The result of this claw machine strategy is most certainly time in jail, but the truth is, you beat the claw machine game. So you win in that aspect. Now if you want a legitimate strategy I would suggest checking out a different blog or maybe going and getting claw machine magazine (if thats a thing). By the way, Murdog is not responsible for those who actually try this strategy out. Good luck claw machiners!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash