Murdog has compiled the list of the best coffee grinders on the market based on reviews. We scoured the web in search of the most valued and best working coffee grinders. From the Paris coffee shops to the New York shops, we searched and have compiled for you the top 5 Coffee Grinders.

1). The Lawn Mower 500

This is the most efficient one on the list. Once you create the pile of coffee beans and run this unit over it, you’re guaranteed the finest and perfect ground coffee. However, there is a downside. The price for one of these can rage in the hundreds. So, in the end, I would suggest buying this if you have a lot of time and are a coffee fanatic. A true professional coffee grinder.

2). Wood Chipper 8000

A large coffee grinder for those who like to go big. The Wood Chipper 8000 comes equipped with a massive grinding tool that will obliterate any size bean. Although it may cost $500 – $800 it will last a lifetime. Courses of instruction may also be required along with approval by the city to operate such an item outside, but for the perfect grind, it’s worth it.

3). F-16 Fighter Jet

Are you a man/woman/other of luxury? If so, buy this coffee grinder. This one will have the distinct grind and taste of lead after bombing the bag of coffee beans. The cost of the F-16 is about $18M but is really fun to operate and will give the beans an exotic flavor. The setup process is a little lengthy but the beans will for sure be ground to the point of complete obliteration. The setup process includes setting up your bag of coffee beans in a deserted area then flying the coffee grinder F-16 and shooting missiles and firing bullets at the bag of coffee. So, like the lawn mower, if you are a true coffee fanatic then give this one a try. Waring though: You will most likely be arrested, so try to shoot as many coffee beans as you can before being apprehended so that you can stack up on supplies when you return from prison.

4). Pick-axe

Out of everything on this list, the pickaxe is probably the less efficient one. But it is the cheapest. If you are on a budget then I would purchase a pickaxe. It can be a little frustrating to operate because you have to hit each coffee bean individually to get it to become a usable grind. There is plenty of pickaxes out there o you can get a great deal, once you master the pickaxe then the operation will become less frustrating also.

5). Lamborgini Aventador


Buy this one and run over your coffee beans for true ground coffee beans. This is another costly coffee grinder, the price is about $400K. The recommended speed of use before hitting the coffee beans is 150 mph for the best end product. Look out for cops before use as they may give you a ticket for usage. Or try and negotiate and say that you will give them a bag of ground coffee if they let you speed. Actually, don’t try that. It’s better if you just keep this coffee grinding secret to yourself.

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