Ever since the creation of Shark Week from Discovery channel they have been playing the same shows. But no more. Discovery has decided to spend their shark week budget of $10 on making the best show possible. Murdog contacted the director Ford Hathaway to ask about what the show is about……and…..well he answered. So here it is.

The REAL Sharknado

This mini-series is set to release next Shark Week. The series is a documentary about real-life sharknados and how the could possibly occur. The show will feature experiments done by craigslist scientist Albert Treespeaker (remember the budget is at least $10).  The show is filmed on a shitty Nikon camera and the re-enactments will be so blurry that frustration will most likely be felt by the viewer.

However, all of these failures were apart of the director’s vision. the vision was to purposely use all of these bad-qualities to create suspense and try to make people become scared of sharks just because of how badly they were filmed in this show.

Note: This (of course) is a completely false article, but I realized while writing that I could actually see Discovery Channel make this a real thing.

Image Credit: http://bit.ly/2XETroj

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash