Everyone loves Disneyland. The amazing rides, the beautiful environment, the magical feeling of taking pictures with your childhood favorites like Mickey Mouse or better yet enjoying the time with family or friends. But the truth is Disney land wouldn’t have any of this magic if it were not, for one thing, a Disneyland turkey leg.

Are you tired of your family nagging about a ride? Eat a massive turkey leg. Sweating extreme amounts because of lines? Here have this 1lb turkey leg. Stressed because you spent all your savings on a vacation at Disneyland? Compensate with this smoked turkey leg. 

Mickey Mouse Doesn’t have a wand, but a turkey leg

Everybody knows that Mickey Mouse can do amazing stuff with a wand, but have you ever looked closely at it? If you zoom in very close on a screenshot of Mickey Mouse using his wand, you will find that it is actually a turkey leg. You see this explains why this magical place serves massive turkey legs because they are the producer of magic. The magic that tingles your taste buds.

Ever wonder why Disneyland surpasses its competitors?

There is a reason why competing amusement parks such as Universal Studios or Knotts Berry Farms can’t compare to Disneyland. That reason is that there is nothing scarier then 6-12-year-olds running around mad with magic caring a massive 1lb smoked Disneyland turkey leg. If you were Universal, you to would stay far away from that place. I mean does Universal Studios even have turkey legs? The answer is No.

Next time you go to Disneyland, do yourself a favor and don’t split the turkey leg

I get it. It’s kind to share things. Like pizza or cake. However, when it comes to a disneyland turkey leg (I keep saying specifically Disneyland turkey leg because no other smoked turkey leg compares). Never share. Eat that thing with pride. You have already spent plenty of money so enjoy yourself.

In Conclusion

Is it concerning that Disneyland is able to keep up the number of turkey legs they sell? Most definitely yes. Somebody probably needs to look into that. Maybe I will. But for now, I just hope that we all understand that the Disneyland turkey leg is the true secret to Disney’s success.