Understanding What DJ Khaled Does

Everybody understands that DJ Khaled is a DJ. I mean it’s in the name. However that is controversial today as he didn’t even produce all the songs on his newest album Father of Assad, but that’s for another article. This one about his lyrics.

What people don’t realize is that Dj Khaled is actually a lyrical genius. In every song, you can hear this man’s legendary voice in the background. The truth is he is such a good lyricist that there’s a reason why he never jumps in on a song, he would change the rap game too much.

That’s how amazing his lyrics are. Even with the few verses, he does on his songs, he crushes it and leaves the fans crying from the deepness. So here’s a list of the top 3 lyrics he has said.

DJ Khaled’s Top 3 Lyrics

“DJ Khaled!”

WOW. Just wow. The way he screams his name on each song it just makes me think about life so much. It reminds me of the times back in pre-school where I would yell out my name in order to memorize it. Truly a master at work here. Khaled is able to bring back the nostalgia of pre-school and if you can do that you’re a certified lyricist.

– “Another One!”

Not only does DJ Khaled remind you of your pre-school but he also gives you a heads up that you are listening to another DJ Khaled song. This just shows that DJ Khaled is a very kind and caring man, he wants to let you know that you’re listening to another one.

However, there’s an even deeper meaning. He is telling you that you’re listening to another song, which is musical and makes the body release emotions. If you’re not picking up what I am dropping, he is saying that you should be listening to another song instead of doing drugs to make yourself feel good.

DJ Khaled is out here single handily saving people from falling into the life of drugs.

– “We the Best!”

In this lyric Khaled, try’s to inspire and give awareness to the rising depression in our youth. “We The Best” is Khaled giving inspiration to this youth so that he can prevent the rising depression rates. If you see a stutter in the depression rates, it’s all thanks to DJ Khaled.

He’s also trying to raise awareness of the fact that people need to stop picking teams or making people choose sides in society, he just wishes that we all see that everyone is amazing. We are the best.

Why DJ Khaled Is A Better Lyricist Then Any Other Rapper

Don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of amazing artists out there with super deep lyrics. Such as Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole, J.I.D, Logic, Joey Badda$$, and etc. But for each of these artists for them to get there points across it takes a couple of bars.

For DJ Khaled that is not the case. It takes him only 2-3 words to get the deeper meaning across. So next time when/if you listen to a DJ Khaled Song keep your mind open for the deeper meaning behind his lyrics.

(NOTE: This is a complete joke, DJ Khaled is a terrible lyricist but is a great DJ. I am leaving this here because at this point in time people can’t pick up on jokes as quick anymore.)