This article is for the less technology headed people who are looking for simple and yet effective ways to solve any type of tech problem Murdog has put together a list of 6 ways you can solve pretty much any tech problem. Some of the problems that these steps will fix are how to fix broken laptop screen, how to fix broken computer, how to make computer loadfaster, how to fix a broken screen, etc.

#1 Give it the good old slap

This is a signature solution to a loading problem. The harder you slap it, the better the outcome. If you accidentally break it then thats, not my problem. Just go buy a new one. I would recommend a slap on either the side of the malfunctioning device.

#2 Just Buy A New Device

Mate if your stuff is ‘broken broken’ then just buy a new device. If you absolutely can’t afford a new one, I would suggest getting a blackberry phone. If your computer is having problems then also just buy a blackberry.

(Notice: Do not buy a blackberry phone, just don’t. Unless you drop your phone from a skyscraper often because these blackberry phones don’t break. Then I would suggest buying this phone.)

#3 Find That Mall Dude

If you don’t know what I am talking about then this fixing strategy might not be for you. The mall dude is the person who has a stand that sells fixing kits or fixes your phone for you. They’re pretty cheap.

#4 Put Peanut Butter On It

I learned this strategy on my own when I was in 3rd grade. I had a gaming device and the screen broke, so I put peanut butter on it. It worked for about a day. However, it may work longer for you so why not try it.

#5 Become Friends With The Mall Dude

This is a free strategy where you can get a potentially best friend and a fixed device. Go find the person from #3 (look above) and see if he wants coffee. Then from there become friends with him and hang out for about a year before dropping the big question. “Can you fix my device?” They will most likely say yes. This is a long term fixing strategy but is a guaranteed fix.

#6 Try Breaking It More

I’ve seen doctors break bones so they can re-grow. So in theory and based on Albert Einsteins N=O+T-R^2-E(AL) equation we should be able to break the device even more. Than the nanotech and with a combination of peanut butter, the device should re-grow.

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Slapped dude

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