The music business is very difficult to navigate and with today’s top artists it is easy for people to either underestimate or not be able to find you. Well, Murdog wants to help those underrated artists. We have comprised a music artists list that we believe will change the music business but, like we said, they are underrated. So here is a list of the top 10 most underrated musical artists.

1) ALESTORM – Scottish Pirate Metal

Do you love pirates? Do you love metal music? Then ALESTORM is for you. This Scottish band is crushing the game and deserves more recognition. There are lots of generic bands out there, so why can’t we make these Scottish pirates more famous? Go check them out:

2. Kidz Bop – Pop

Need to hear some beautiful singing, that will most likely make you cry? Then check out this pop group called Kidz Bop. They have been secretly killing the game for years now. Remixing songs to absolute perfection. Once you hear your favorite song sang by this group, you can never go back.  Partly because your ears have bled from just how beautiful it is. So I think it’s time for them to get the recognition they deserve. Go check’em out.

3. Big Time Rush – Pop

You might know this band from there highly respected and liked nickelodeon show, self-titled, Big Time Rush. This band can be argued that it is not an underrated band because some have said that it is one of the greatest bands ever created. I would highly recommend watching there show to see a behind the scenes of there creative thoughts and everyday life as an A-List band.

4. Squidward – Clarinet

Squidward tentacles is hands down the best clarinet player ever. However, the problem is that people in his local area are not letting him have a chance. He grinds every day at a local Michelin star burger joint. But Squidward will make it. He has already started to make the top tier connections including play at the coveted “Bubble Bowl.” If you have not seen the masterful performance the I would suggest you watch it. It caught the eyes of many celebrities, including Nicki Minaj, Tory Lanes, ASAP Rocky, Hans Zimmer, and Woah Vicky.

5. Jazzie Redd – I Am A Dope Fiend

Jazzie Redd is an older artist that was underrated all his career. But now his fame is starting to rise and I could not be happier. His raps are very deep especial his famous song “I am a dope fiend.” A notable lyric is “Thats my dope bucket,” he says in the song after confronting his dope addicted friend while he was sleeping. Yes, he confronted a friend while he was sleeping. Some have said that Jazzie redd got a perfect SAT score and was accepted to Harvard, but turned them down because he wanted to pursue a career in rap after writing this song.

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