The caveman era was very interesting and is important to understand. I mean as humans we all are related to cavemen. However, there are some weird things they used to do. An Oxford University research team discovered all of these new habits from cavemen through caveman signs, caveman clothing, caveman hunting styles, etc. All in the hopes of piecing together caveman history.

#1 Ate Tide Pods

Back in cavemen days when Tide was just a small rock selling laundry company they released the first-ever tide pods. they contained scorpion poison inside of a snail shell. The product sold very well and Tide quickly became the first million rock company. In those days people exchanged rocks. The bigger, the more value. It is said that everyone who bought a tide pod thought it was food, so they ate the poison. Many died in fact most died. Did cavemen live? Yes, only two and those two people were Adam and Eve.

#2 Put Ranch Dressing On Their Pizza

The pizzas in the caveman days were harder than today’s soft doughy pizza. The ranch was made of whale fat and mammoths blood. It is said that they haven’t changed the recipe till today. In some unknown facility, there is a bunch of mammoths blood stored for making ranch.

#3 Didn’t Rigg Elections

A true in-normality. Back in those day people actually had responsible elections where there wasn’t any rigging. They used sticks to count votes and used the people’s vote instead of crappily drawn district lines.

#4 Flew Around

Isaac Newton was not born yet so the cavemen were able to fly around as gravity was not invented. A scientist found paintings on a rock of cavemen flying around the world and into space.

#5 Held All-Inclusive Sport Events

Cavemen had sport divisions. Having multiple sports such as the hunting games (who could get as many kills as possible), flying contests(remember no gravity), rock-throwing contests, and rock-eating contests. Those listed are what was discovered so far, but many researchers assume there are many more. Everybody was welcomed to join in the events.

#6 Equal Rock Pay

Everyone had equal opportunities, no matter what race or cave person you were. Back then they had not discovered how to make glass so there was no glass ceiling. So rocks were truly given out solely by skill and what you had to offer.

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