Nike last Sunday announced its plan to release new shoes for cowboys. Nike made this move after the loss of support, after backing of Colin Kaepernick, from conservatives who stopped buying their products. Sales are expected to be high as cowboys are known for pick up basketball games. Toby Kieth (country singer) has become one of the leading faces for the new shoe line as he wore the boots while subbing in for famed basketball player Blake Griffin, scoring over 40 points himself! Many in the country and the southern community came to support Kieth. Here’s a quote from a viewer of the game: “Du dat hu yeh he really hot the ball”.  Yeah, we couldn’t actually understand him because his accent was too damn thick, but we wrote the syllables as we heard them. I am pretty sure the quote is about a ball. Nike is putting $25 million into an ambitious marketing campaign to help jumpstart the product. The campaign will include a massive do-si-do event in Nashville and a basketball game in New York. Lebron James has said to Murdog that he is going to attend both events and will also become a supporter of the new cowboy shoes.