There are so many types of trees out there. Some of the most well known include pine, palm, apple, oak, and redwood trees. The list continues. However, there are some really wacky and crazy types of trees out there that only sprout once in a lifetime, and only a few people have ever spotted. These trees are beyond belief and made the few people who have found them question what’s possible in life. SO in this article, we have listed all the rare unusual trees that have been discovered.

The Money Tree

Yes, it is real! The money tree was discovered in 1798 by William J Kootakata-he-be-ge-be, The 5th in Omeletteville, France. Mr. Kootakata-he-be-ge-be took notes on this mysterious tree studying it for months.

In his studies, he watched as money grew from the outer branches and fell off the tree once it was ripe. Since this finding, no other money tree has been found. Truly outstanding.

‘Vegan Pizza’ Tree

The ‘Vegan Pizza’ Tree is truly one of a kind. Discovered just recently in 2018 by Karell Justice in a forested batch just west of Boston. The tree is able o create a nutty buffalo mozzarella, smooth sap-tomato sauce, and homemade dough. The tree lets the dough sit 48 hours before removing it from its branch.

The tree then slowly shapes and creates the pizza with just the perfect amount of sauce and cheese. The pizza is then baked by the trees ability to direct sunlight onto the pizza. Once the pizza is done it falls from the branches and (hopefully) onto a plate. This tree is still alive today but Karell has re-planted it in her backyard were she eats vegan pizza all day.

The Marathon Tree

This tree is the exact opposite of all the other trees. Instead of having the roots keep the tree in place, they develop feet and run around constantly. This tree was discovered by marathon runner Mateo Bishop during a 50-mile long marathon in Northern Italy. Mateo was just minding his own business and doing his run when this tree came up alongside him and beat Mateo in the race.

The tree did not receive a medal nor did Mateo. Marathon tree takes in its water by vigorously chucking it at its roots while running. This tree is definitely about that marathon life. Two spottings have occurred since Mateos discovery.

The Independence Tree

Discovered in 1776 by George Washington during a stroll outside of a basecamp for the colonial army. Washington approached the tree (according to a secret diary) and the tree asked him a question, “Touch one of my branches to discover if you are independent or not.” Washinton then touched the tree.

The tree said “yes, you are independent. I now serve you”, Washington (again according to the diary) ordered the tree to attack multiple British camps destroying the enemy. See without this tree the U.S. may have never won the war.

Tree Tree

Tree Tree is a type of tree that has a tree within its tree. Making it a tree tree. The tree was found in 1910 in Germany by an unknown person. But that unknown person had a diary and in there he talked about how when he cut down a tree that a second tree had somehow had grown within that tree. The tree astonished him. The tree tree since has yet to be seen again, but I am sure it’s out there somewhere.

In Conclusion,

Trees are fascinating. You never know if they might run up on you or drop a fresh vegan pizza on top of your head. Ultimately life is crazy so keep looking out for those were trees. You never know what you will find. Also, please do not cut down random trees in order to figure out if it was one of the listed.

I have to tell you that because I already know some dummy will try and go see if this article is real, then maybe tell me how this is fake in the comments. Please, it’s all a joke.

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