Murdog spies reported from the White House yesterday that Trump is working on an executive decree to rename the current Border Patrol to The Nights Watch. Who is going to lead the new Nights Watch? Don’t worry, Murdog has heard through some little birds that Trump has nominated Vice President Mike Pence as the Lord Commander. Along with this, Trump is going to pardon some people serving life in prison to help muster the numbers at the wall. It’s a bold move but Trump seems sure, “We must all get together to stop the invasion in the south”. He is worried the Wildlings will continue to get across the wall and ambush our towns and villages. Sources also report that Trump has made an alliance with the Lannisters as he seeks funding for this new Wall, “I have always felt fine about the Lannisters, I think they’re strong powerful leaders. They’ve represented their kingdom the way their kingdom wants to be represented”.
Update from spy’s: Welp, all the Lannisters are dead so Trump has become very depressed. It is reported he is headed to Russia to snuggle with his pal Putin.
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